Wednesday, December 9, 2009


It's few days away from Christmas time. But here in the Philippines, we are forced to hear sad news: Maguindanao Massacre, Martial Law, a president running for a lower post for the next election which could probably lead into Charter Change abhorred by the masses. We get too fixated on these things which we think as our reality that we forgot that Christmas time is in our midst. And that we fail to to experience the joy that it offers us.

As I write this piece, I am but a victim of the same pattern of thoughts but after I got out from the Blessed Sacrament today taking a time of prayer with Him who is the ultimate reason of Christmas joy, Jesus Christ, our Savior, Emmanuel, I cannot help but write this hoping I could infect joy of christmas to those who are in my network the best way possible. And I have made up the following resolutions:

1. I am first and foremost a Christian who believes in Christ and that whatever surroundings there is, I must decide to take the season with utmost waiting, with utmost hope, with utmost joy and finally celebration that a real God once came to us became Man to give us salvation and that in this time of year I ought to take in my heart the meaning of Christmas; that same God who is available daily in the Holy Eucharist, that same God who offers Himself to everyone of whatever faith they embrace as He is present in every creature, in every human being's soul.

2. I am a Filipino and as a citizen of this great nation, I must continue the culture that we have on Christmas time. The sharing of oneself to others and perhaps this time not just physically to our love ones and neighbors near us but thanks God to this internet technology that allows us to share the same degree of camaraderie and sense of oneness to people that once became part of our lives through various types of social networking.

3. I belong to a family who puts premium on giving during Christmas season. It does not have to be in the form of material things but they can always be conveyed in simple gestures of kiss, hugs and well-meaning word of saying " Merry Christmas" "Maayong Pasko" "Maligayang Pasko" or whatever way we best say it and I intend to perpetuate the same sense of love shared on Christmas time.

4. Christmas eve that is December 24 is my birthday. And this year, I am going to accept my birthday in additional happiness as God made me reach this age where I went through different phases of development already and I feel that at this stage, I am duty bound to return all the good things that I receive, all the favors in life that came to me and there is no better way than to place myself in SERVICE to others as a fruit of LOVE. LOVE which is the timeless meaning of CHRISTMAS.

A Blessed Christmas everyone and whether we have met in person, or I only met you in my social network, whether you are a Filipino who lives still in our country or you are a Filipino who works in other country, I hope this piece could touch you once again and may you share LOVE on Christmas 2009.

With all my love along with my husband, Jun and our son Briggs, I pray and hope for all of us a Happy Christmas 2009!


Saturday, November 21, 2009

Manny Pacquiao: How Did I come to Admire Him

I am not alone in my joy on the latest victory that Manny Pacquaio gave his countrymen. This time however, it is not just another win, it is a record-breaker event; he being the only person who garnered seven (7) belts in different divisions of boxing. I am not into boxing field nor a sports critic but I say this piece from the point of view of a Filipino who has admired this person, so do not expect me to understand details on boxing.

How did I first come to know Manny? I remembered I was watching a fight together with my family way, way back then. If I remember right, it was the Golden Boy's (Oscar dela Hoya) fight. But before the fight, we watched an undercard game. Manny. won it! Then I exclaimed to everyone how greatly he resembles to my youngest brother Landrum. It was the first time I saw him and the next thing I know he won in most of all his competitions till he reached the glory and gold that now become him.

I have always watched his game and in fact prays that he makes it everytime and it is because I admire this person and here are the reasons:

1. He gives glory to God. Everytime he wins, Manny never claims the win as his own! He always attribute the glory to God.( Although undeniably he is a very rigid,focused and disciplined athlete which contributed to his success.) In fact in this current win, in an interview he said this, "My power comes from God and this would not have been all possible without Him; I surrender everything to Him and believe in Him 100%." Before the beginning and end of his fight, he always goes to his corner, kneeling and praying and kissing the cross on his rosary.

2. He loves the Philippines. Manny Pacquiao is a patriot. It is obvious in his talks, all the time he would like to share his win to his countrymen. And it made me realize that one can excel in his field if he possessed with the deepest love to the country that nurtured him and it is not exlusive to the privileged Filipinos. He had a very deprived life before fame and riches came into his hands yet he truly loves the Philippines and never complains.

3. He loves his family.

Family where he come from: Manny Pacquiao loves his family. He is a family man. Being a son raised alone by a mother who has been abandoned by her husband for another woman, it was obviously a difficult life for him. Instead of hating his father and wallowing in hatred and revenge, he opted to find means to sustain himself, his siblings and his mother. He openly welcome his father with a forgiving heart when the father showed interest of the family he left behind. He never forgets the basic commandment of God, 'To honor your parents'. (After all, the commandment did not say, "Respect your parents if they are deserving". It was an unconditional command to honor parents despite their imperfections. And God will do the rest if you follow this command.)

Jinkee and Manny: Another thing is the love Manny gives to his own family. Well, I think Jinkee who is a lovely and educated lady married Manny at the time that when he was still starting a boxing career. To me, Jinkee also took a gamble probably because she believed in him and in persevering in her belief in her husband's potential and talent, she is greatly rewarded. And of course, he also cares of their growing children.

With these attributes, I have come to admire this man, a Filipino who brought honor for our country. Having these basic things, I do believe anyone can also succeed in whatever endeavor they got themselves into, whether that Filipino is still in this country or had left the Philippines to work harder for their love ones. It doesn't really matter, what matters is that which is in our heart and actions.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Tita Cory: A Philippine's Legacy to the World

Today, August 5, 2009, is the funeral of our former President Corazon Cojuangco Aquino. I am compelled to write not only because I am blissfully touched of the outpouring of love and respect not only of her own countrymen but the world as well, and also because to me it is a national history worthy of our topic for contemplation and discussion. I am writing this article from a point of view of woman who was only a child when Tita Cory Aquino's name brought into the public limelight by sheer twist of fate in a Providential manner.

To me, Tita Cory is a Philippine's legacy to the world.

History tells us that EDSA Revolution is the only revolution that is bloodless. Many countries tried to imitate the success of our EDSA, but they cannot copy it. It enfolded as it was simply because it was not staged nor manipulated by few politicians or plotters. It was simply the way Filipinos are. But it would not be complete if the woman who was called during that time to fill the role refused. In her words, Tita Cory was not ready for a public life. She prayed, contemplated, weighed her decision well and in the end chosen to play the part she was made to take part, armed only with God on her side and so are the people who placed her on power.

I was very young then. I barely understood politics but in my childhood's mind that event was truly significant because of the way people around me reacted to it, my own parents, grandparents, and relatives who are grown up at that time.

Six years in power she only proved to be courageous despite several difficulties and trials in her governance. As a woman, I understood quite well how difficult it is to take on a lead especially when one is aware that those who are below in position of her are men, well-versed in the world of politics, in military tactics and maneuvers, and many other aspects. She survived coup d' etat attempts. She stood firm and gave hope to her people though sometimes her people wanted her to do miracle by overturning everything right through a magic wand, perhaps. Though she was placed in the most powerful position of the Philippine governance, she exude an aura of being a mother to Filipinos rather than pretending to be like a man. She used her womanly attribute and put it into good use by believing that there are men out there whom she could persuade to do their respective duties and responsibilities out of their own conviction and not because she threatened them. And in that way, she gained the respect of many honorable men.

Now that she has left us for good, it is no doubt to me that our former President Cory Aquino is our legacy to the world. She will always be remembered with incredible affection from her people and the world.

A piece of thought: May Tita Cory now rest in peace, in joining her Creator I know that she continues to be with us by praying for her beloved countrymen! Mabuhay ka, Filipino, saan ka man sa mundo. You can always make a difference and show the world that we are loving, hard-working , and faithful people. And in that way, we too can become a legacy to the world.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Lorelyn T Dumaug: On scandal and maligned publicity

Lorelyn T Dumaug: On scandal and maligned publicity

On scandal and maligned publicity

It's been like a week since the sex video scandal of Katrina Halili and Dr. Hayden Kho, both prominent showbiz personalities, seemed to infiltrate every media avenue: from television, internet, print and the words of mouth spreading so powerfully, and now the highest legislative body of the land, the Senate of the Philippines. I cannot help but give my piece of thought on the issue, as a woman myself and as a citizen of this country.

As I reviewed all issues, I came up with a brief background.

Dr. Hayden Kho gained his prominence after winning a national television show competition and eventually became the popular boyfriend of Vicky Belo, a prominent cosmetic surgeon highly in demand of actors and actresses, models and other artists. Then came the break-up late last year of 2008 of the two apparently caused by a video which the latter discovered that made her decide to break up with the former saying with certainty the evidence of Dr. Kho's infidelity.

And now the video of Katrina Halili with Dr. Hayden Kho proliferates over the internet and in a mass production of the DVD now scattered throughout the country and the world.

Katrina Halili who hails from the beautiful place of El Nido, Palawan instead of retreating to her own private world after the scandal broke out and accept the fact of losing her gained stardom and job, chose to put up a fight. She gained support from various sectors public and private, including Gabriela Women's Party-List, an organization that has its own seats in Congress, responsible for the enactment of the law of Anti-Violence Against Women and Children (Anti-VAWC), the National Bureau of Investigation(NBI) and Bureau of Immigration and Deportation, and finally the Senate of the Philippines, for a full-blown investigation.

After watching the news related to the events that transpired during the Senate hearing headed by Senator Jamby Madrigal's committee, I cannot help but feel compassion and pity for the plight of Katrina Halili. She burst in tears while openly declaring her agony in public, that she lost her job, that she is in a state of thinking time and again that every person she met has probably seen her sex video with Dr. Hayden Kho and lastly the honor of her family that has since been disgraced publicly because of the scandal. She even uttered foul words and languages against Dr. Hayden Kho.

On the other hand, I saw the incident of water splashed over the head of Dr. Kho inside the Senate Hall by a former policeman who could not help his scorn for a fellow man. (My husband says he should not be put to jail for having done so.)

At the outset during the hearing, Dr. Kho is an image of a seemingly innocent man, incapable of such bestial act, penitent in his ways and most probably tried to win public sympathy by his coy manners. His mother was there too! My empathy for her and the whole family. Katrina, on her part, looked so much like a victim, glamorous posture gone.

The presence of these showbiz personalities in the formal aura of a Senate Hall turned it into a circus.

As a woman I'd say, Katrina Halili definitely had her own lapse of judgement by getting herself involved with a man who publicly announced romantic relationship with a prominent figure. But however wrong her decision is (or sinful it is) or however her heart made her do such act (she proclaims she loves Dr. Kho), no woman deserves to be thrown into a public limelight making a most private sexual act seen by the public and accessible by the whole world at that with just a click. And to think it was beyond her knowledge, assent nor consent. I give my utmost admiration for her courage to take a stand and my empathy because what has been done can never be undone and the scandal will forever be accessible to public view. No doubt, the act of Dr. Hayden Kho is violence against women.( It is said there are still 37 sex videos with different prominent women. Whew!!! What kind of a man is he? Psyhologically impaired?) He has violated a law by merely taking the video and collecting them all at that!

As a citizen of this country, I think it is about time that our legislative department would come up with a law that punish perpetrators of this kind of scandal. I am hopeful that after this investigation in aid of legislation, justice shall be served to the victims. But I do not like it done publicly. If serious investigation must be fully done, it should be outside of public view and scrutiny where biases and public sympathy tends to sway objectivity.

Yes, they are prominent figures but they deserve to keep their private lives private. We should not feast over it and I am praying this issue die very soon in the public realm and begin to be discovered privately and a good law will come out of it rather than just being a show for public consumption and appetite.

Let us pray that the perpetrators and victims alike may have their share in silence and reflect on their actions properly. Asking for forgiveness on themselves and their victims and that no pride and arrogance shape the investigation. May woman's true power that comes from a pure virtue and not lust, be the true source of their healing and the loving touch of God be their Omnipotent Source of unconditional love. And for us all, we stop spreading the video, the site and we shall all reflect on our own private lives too!