Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Tita Cory: A Philippine's Legacy to the World

Today, August 5, 2009, is the funeral of our former President Corazon Cojuangco Aquino. I am compelled to write not only because I am blissfully touched of the outpouring of love and respect not only of her own countrymen but the world as well, and also because to me it is a national history worthy of our topic for contemplation and discussion. I am writing this article from a point of view of woman who was only a child when Tita Cory Aquino's name brought into the public limelight by sheer twist of fate in a Providential manner.

To me, Tita Cory is a Philippine's legacy to the world.

History tells us that EDSA Revolution is the only revolution that is bloodless. Many countries tried to imitate the success of our EDSA, but they cannot copy it. It enfolded as it was simply because it was not staged nor manipulated by few politicians or plotters. It was simply the way Filipinos are. But it would not be complete if the woman who was called during that time to fill the role refused. In her words, Tita Cory was not ready for a public life. She prayed, contemplated, weighed her decision well and in the end chosen to play the part she was made to take part, armed only with God on her side and so are the people who placed her on power.

I was very young then. I barely understood politics but in my childhood's mind that event was truly significant because of the way people around me reacted to it, my own parents, grandparents, and relatives who are grown up at that time.

Six years in power she only proved to be courageous despite several difficulties and trials in her governance. As a woman, I understood quite well how difficult it is to take on a lead especially when one is aware that those who are below in position of her are men, well-versed in the world of politics, in military tactics and maneuvers, and many other aspects. She survived coup d' etat attempts. She stood firm and gave hope to her people though sometimes her people wanted her to do miracle by overturning everything right through a magic wand, perhaps. Though she was placed in the most powerful position of the Philippine governance, she exude an aura of being a mother to Filipinos rather than pretending to be like a man. She used her womanly attribute and put it into good use by believing that there are men out there whom she could persuade to do their respective duties and responsibilities out of their own conviction and not because she threatened them. And in that way, she gained the respect of many honorable men.

Now that she has left us for good, it is no doubt to me that our former President Cory Aquino is our legacy to the world. She will always be remembered with incredible affection from her people and the world.

A piece of thought: May Tita Cory now rest in peace, in joining her Creator I know that she continues to be with us by praying for her beloved countrymen! Mabuhay ka, Filipino, saan ka man sa mundo. You can always make a difference and show the world that we are loving, hard-working , and faithful people. And in that way, we too can become a legacy to the world.